Prototyping and production of small series

EES S.p.A. specializes in prototyping and production of small series, for which it employs highly qualified personnel using three completely automated production lines of the latest generation, supported by test and analysis systems that guarantee the quality of the process and the product:

  • N° 1 Mycronic Pick & Place line composed by My200DX + My100Sxe

  • N° 1  I-PULSE Pick & Place line composed of M2 + M1P + M4e

  • N° 1  Screen printing ERSA VERSAPRINT S1 with 100% AOI control

  • N° 1  Screen printing SPEEDPRINT SP200 AVI

  • N° 1  Folungwin oven LFC-1060N 24 zones with nitrogen cooling

  • N° 1  Vapor-Phase Oven Soldering System ASSCON VP800

  • N° 1  IEMME ARIES wave welding machine

  • N° 12 Manual welding stations with JVC thermostatic stations

  • N° 3  VISION optical control systems

  • N° 1  Automatic optical test with ORBOTECH Vantage S22 system

  • N° 1  Probe ICT electrical test Furniture with SPEA Flyng Probe 4040 system

  • N° 1  Nikon XTV 160 RX unit

  • N° 1  ERSA Station PL500 A

  • N° 12 Dedicated test benches dedicated for functional testing

  • N° 1 Angeloantoni Climatic Chamber EDS 200D

  • N° 1  Analysis and profiling laboratory

SMT assembly

EES is able to assemble the latest generation SMT (Surface Mount Technology) components (μBGA, Fine Pitch, 0201, 01005, CSP) thanks to the use of two 100.000CPH production lines

PTH assembly

EES provides this type of PTH (Pin Through Hole) service using the latest equipment in both lead free and lead-tin technology.

Pressfit assembly

EES SpA has a press specifically designed for the assembly of the PRESSFIT components, the 22 kN „Schmidt Pressen-Typ 19V“, with an adjustable working pressure that can vary from 2 to 6 BAR

Mechanical Assemblies

EES SpA mechanically assembles your prototypes

Conformal Coating

Conformal coating (or tropicalization) is a process that consists of coating the pcb assembled with a protective resin film, isolating the components welded by particularly harmful environmental agents.

Cables and Harnesses

EES SpA provides its customers with an extensive catalog of cables and cabling