Assembling and Prototyping Electronic Cards

Many years of experience in the electronic sector allow EES Spa to offer to its customers a comprehensive ‘Made in Italy’ service: from engineering to assembly of circuit boards for prototyping, preproduction and production using top-level technology, with short delivery times at competitive prices.

Established to become a reliable partner of the most prestigious companies in Liguria, EES nowadays represents a national and international reality with more than 200 active customers who avail themselves with our outstanding services.

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We offer a wide range of intelligent solutions for production and prototyping,
Able to satisfy any requirement of quality and certification.

EES S.p.a. is specialized in prototypes and small series production for which it employs highly qualified personnel using three fully automated production lines of the latest generation supported by test and analysis systems that guarantee process and product quality

EES has a customer-specific design service, specializing in sensor technology, automation and testing systems.
It is also proposed as a consultant and design consultant with highly qualified staff.

EES, like all the most modern companies in the industry, has been implementing its internal system for several years now, a quality management system certified ISO 9001; This certification is a guarantee of continuous research into the growth and efficiency of processes adopted by EES in the design and manufacture of electronic cards.


years on the markets
active customers
different codes managed in stock
IPC Specialist
weekly NPI
MAX SMD component/hours

From Project to Reality

We develop your projects, from idea to finished product

As any modern and efficient company, EES aims to provide customers with a complete update package of services and equipments.
In line with our corporate philosophy, we assist and follow the customer at all stages of the project.

For these reasons, EES is technologically advanced company, able to compete both on national and international market

Electronics Engineering

Our services

  • product analysis

  • electronic systems engineering

  • printed circuits master project

  • drafting of production documentation

  • material supply

  • board and electronic equipment assembly/production

  • electric and functional testing

All this to guarantee quality and reliability of the product to the customer

Our skills

Sophisticated technology and qualified personnel in the service of your project

EES S.p.A. uses the most sophisticated CAE-CAD-CAM systems on the market today, offering opportunities to companies willing to design, product boards and electronic equipment and top technology.

Prototyping and electronic board production activity takes advantage of 5 automatic assembly lines which are able to manage surface mount devices in complex packages.

In addition, we have a THT technology line, both for assembly and wave or automatic selective soldering.

All this is supported and verified by systems for automatic optical inspection, for flying probe electronic test, functional test and x ray inspection.

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