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EES (Electronic Engineering Service) came into being as electronic industry service company, specialized in the planning of masters for printed circuit boards, in 1987. From the beginning it has enstablished a good working relationship with the major corporations in the sector.

The continuing growth of the company spiked in 2001 when the seat was transferred to Via Buccari, a genovese pole renowed for electronic and advanced technology.

This transfer was effected to accomodate the market demands for ”full-services”; the company has also invested substantial resources in manpower and new equipment thus becoming ever more competitive and successful in terms of quality.

To this day EES boasts a very wide-ranging client base, which includes internationals costumers from Germany, China and USA in addition to national clients.

EES is proud to be able to find on the national territory, all the necessary to guarantee a full engineering and circuit boards assembly service packet; in this way the company can ensure a made in Italy service and high technological level prototyping with accelerated timetable and competitive prices.

Company certified ISO 9001:2008 certification authority CSQ: certificate number 9101. EES1

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16153 Via Buccari 49, Genova, GE Italy

Phone: +39 0106140492

Web: www.ees.it

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