Mechatronic engineering and support structure for all NPI phases

EES offers a service of PCB master layout design plan:

Available CAD Packets:

  • Expedition PCB Mentor Graphics
  • Pads Mentor Graphics
  • Visula Zuken
  • VALOR Mentor Graphics (per Analisi DFM-DFA-DFT)

Input data:

  • Electrical layout in ORCAD format, (in alternative DX Designer, Board Architect)
  • Technical specifications to guide the PCB projects (layout, lay-up, typology of the requested impedance check, assembly constrains and checks)
  • PCB assembly specifications
  • Mechanical drawing of the PCB
  • Libraries of components if existing or precise indications of the adopted components
  • CAD Mentor or Expedition package or Visula containing: layout, netlist, libraries, board size and essential constrains

Output data:

  • File GERBER per la costruzione del PCB, file di foratura, file per P&P, file lamine serigrafiche, specifica di costruzione PCB
  • File ODB++ ( che comprende tutti i dati atti a realizzare i PCB, il pilotaggio della P&P, le specifiche di costruzione, i test elettrici e funzionali

PCB project’s parallel activities:

  • Realization of library documentation of components in IPC 7351 or as specified by the customer
  • Pre and Post layout simulation for High Speed digital (these are tools that, during the project phase, help overcoming problems such as delay in transmission lines, crosstalk, ground bounce or EMI problems)
  • DFM-DFA-DFT analysis (tools that guarantee the control of the project in terms of feasibility of production, assembly and testing of the PCB)