Flying Probe test system

Electrical checks using mobile probes

In order to ensure maximum reliability of electronic boards out of the Assembly line,EES is equipped to submit these cards to an electrical test flying probe; is the purpose used a machine Spea Flying Probe 4040 Top Line “, a test system with high flexibility and at the same time at low cost.

The main features of the 4040 Flying Probe are:

  • Contemporary probing of both sides (TOP and BOTTOM)

  • High productivity thanks to linear motors with magnetic bearings and linear encoderson each axis X, Y, Z with a resolution of 0.1 um

  • Test area until 686x610mm

  • On Board Program

  • Boundary Scan

  • Test NZT (Nodal Impedance Test)

  • Test ICT, parametric equalizer

Below is a list of the main possible controls:

Shortcircuit; (from 100 to 1mOhm MOhm); capacity(capacitive value from 1pF to 1 F),check polarity, operating voltage, check technology, leakage current; inductance(inductive value from 10uH to 10:0), resistive value; diodes (forward voltage, reverse voltage, leakage current); zener diodes (polarity test,leakage current, type); check voltage bipolar transistors (Vbe, Vbc, Vce sat, Vce0) gain (HFE); check resistance Rds(on) mosfet transistors, voltage (Vdson and Vdsoff),polarity; check transformer winding resistance, winding inductance, phase windings ratio;check relay coil resistance, winding inductance, functional contacts, timemeasurement of implementation of contact and contact resistance close-open; fuse verification value, type; check voltage regulator output voltage at rated load andmaximum load, line and load regulation; operational amplifiers check positive and negative offset, offset voltages, Voltage Follower configuration, bias current, gain,frequency response, input and output impedance, slew rate; Dial gauges check positive and negative offset voltages, current offset bias, frequency response, input and output impedance, slew rate; Digital integrated check truth table, electrical characteristics, integration level, type of family, Fan in and Fan out.

The Machine

Flying Probe 4040 Top Line

In order for a board to be tested on the SPEA 4040 mobile probe system, its dimensions must be included in one of the following dimensions (length x width):

– 500x400mm (20×16”)
– 610x610mm (24×24”)
– 686x610mm (27×24”)

In accordance with the system test area available.