Testing & Analysis

The Controls and Tests carried out by EES

Automatic Optical Inspection

In order to minimize the possibility that the boards present assembly and welding defects, before they are sent to the electrical test and to any functional testing, EES after the assembly process smt and tht submits all the cards to optical inspection.

X-RAY micro-focus source inspection and analysis

EES uses a micro-focus X-ray system to verify the quality of the welds, to evaluate the size of any voids, to search for faults and to identify the critical points on which to intervene for the repair of printed circuits, connectors and wiring in general.

Test system with mobile probes

In order to ensure maximum reliability of the electronic boards exiting from its assembly line, EES is equipped to perform electrical checks using mobile probes with the help of a Spea “Flying Probe 4040 Top Line” machine, a test system high flexibility and at the same time with low costs.

Functional tests tailored

EES technical staff, highly specialized, is able to perform any type of functional test required, either using the specifications and equipment provided by the customer, or independently developing dedicated equipment able to perform the different types of tests required

Stability tests with climatic chamber

Thanks to the ACS “EOS 200 T” climatic chamber it is possible to carry out simulated environmental tests with customizable temperature cycles (Range from -40 ° C to + 180 ° C). These tests make it possible to highlight any latent defects of the product and to determine the robustness of the components, thus contributing to reinforcing confidence in their reliability.